The appropriate nursing response for every skin type.

Are you looking for a solution to a specific skin problem, or want optimal care products adapted to the needs of your skin?

Med Beauty Swiss offers medical, cosmetic products and treatments that specifically solve skin problems as well as preemptively protect in everyday life so your skin stays healthy, youthful, and attractive.


Phytomedical Cosmetics

We use the power of nature with the knowledge of modern medicine. The bringing together of dermatological expertise, renowned scientific knowledge and the power of nature, creates unique concentrations of active ingredients. These combinations of active ingredients have a positive influence on the aging process and on keeping the skin healthy.

Swiss Phyto-Cell

Swiss premium anti-aging natural cosmetics line - The perfect symbiosis of nature, science, dermatology and cosmetic standards.

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preventive Skin Care

Calming and soothing for sensitive, irritated skin through a combination of exquisite natural plant ingredients.

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Gly Clean

Impure skin does not have to be - Gly Clean Clean offers you reliable solutions to normalize irritated skin.

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Gly Skin

Qualitative enhancement of the skin with refined fruit acids. Makes pigment spots fade away.

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Regenerating and moisturizing pre-aging with detox effect ensures a smoother and fresher complexion.

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Lifting Derma Flavon

Lifting Derma Flavon has been redesigned to meet the needs of mature skin and provide intensive protection against environmental stress.

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VIP Vitamin Power

This targeted skin cell nutrition aids reliably and efficiently by special requirements and individual skin needs.

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Sun Care

Reliable dermatological UV protection and good quality skin care without compromise.

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These products can be used in the care program of the respective skin type complementary and alternating depending on the skin situation.

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